Ape Caves

Ape Caves is an awesome hike through the longest continuous lava tube in the continental United States!  The lava tube was created about 2000 years ago, but remained undiscovered until around 1950.  The temperature in the cave stays a constant 42 degrees, and like many caves, drips fall from the ceiling.  Without a flashlight, it is completely dark in most of the cave.  Although to some people this might sound scary -- it's not.  The cave is very big and we will have lots of flashlights -- it's like being in a hallway that is as wide as a giant room in most places.

On Saturday May 28th, we will hike underground through the 1.5 mile Upper Cave.  We'll climb over dozens of boulder piles, explore huge rooms and squeeze through a tight spot or two.  We'll even scale an 8 foot wall!  The hike is estimated to take 2.5 hours.  Take a look at some pictures I took from a previous trip:

Ape Caves

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Car Pooling / Schedule:

We will meet at Battle Ground HS to carpool / caravan to the cave.  Here's a rough schedule:

       8:30AM - Meet at Battle Ground High School
       9:45AM - Arrive, eat a snack, wait for stragglers.
      10:00AM - Enter the cave
      12:00PM - Picnic lunch
       2:30PM - Arrive back @ home

What to Bring?
  • $5 Cash per car for a parking pass.
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Warm Clothes -- There is still snow around the cave... and the cave is only 42 degrees, year round!
  • Hiking boots / shoes -- We may have to walk through snow and / or puddles, your feet will probably get wet.  We will also be climbing over piles of rocks, so good hiking shoes are required (no soccer shoes this time!).
  • Flash light and/or head lamp.  It's best if you have one of each, but we'll have a big group so one or the other is fine.  A headlamp is best since you will have 2 free hands to help you climb over rocks.
  • Rain jacket -- Water drips from the ceiling, even when its not raining outside.
  • Jeans (avoid shorts)

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