Pacific FC 99 Blue 2013 Tournaments

Yak Attack 5v5 (link)

Great job 99 Blue, 2nd place of the 32 GU14 teams!

Dates: May 18-19

Cascadia Challenge (link)

Great first 11v11 tournament!  We didn't place, but competed well in all games and progressed as a team throughout the weekend.

Dates: June 21-23

Salem Capital Cup (link)

Congrats on 2nd place in the Gold division.  No losses (except in PK's during the finals where they opposing team was awarded 2 do-overs).  Amazing!

Dates: June 28-30

Lake Oswego Nike Cup (link)

Lake Oswego is home to one of the top Premier teams in the state and they'll likely attract more top-quality teams (like us) to compete against them.  We will play in the top division.

Dates: July 26-28

U15 Mt. Hood Challenge (link)

The Mt. Hood Challenge is the largest tournament around.  It hat gotten so large, they've split it up over 2 weekends (by age group).  We will play during the earlier weekend, which will require us to play U15 -- which will be a great experience for us.  We will play in the GOLD division.

Great job Champions!  1st Place Finish G98 Gold (Red) Division!

Dates: Aug 9-11

Snohomish Big Foot (link)

This tournament was our team's favorite last year, and it hosts some of the top teams in WA.  This will be a great team experience -- we'll camp on the fields, hang out at the river, and spend lots of time together between games.  This will be an awesome trip to cap our summer tournament season and prepare us for fall.

Dates: Aug 13-18

Wenatchee Apple Cup (link)

We will take a break in the middle of our fall season to attend this tournament in Wenatchee.  We will are the defending GOLD champions from last year of the tournament (2011).  This tournament was a lot of fun and we're looking forward to repeating it this year.

Congratulations on defending the Gold Championship!  We went undefeated w/ 3 shutout matches, outscoring the competition 11 to 0.

Dates: Oct 11-13

Pacific FC 99 Blue 2012 Tournaments

Soccer-in-the-Sand (link)

Salem Capital Cup (link)

WSM Beaverton Cup (link)

Bend Premier Cup (link, link2)

Snohomish Big Foot (link)

Pacific FC 99 Blue 2011 Tournaments

Soccer-in-the-Sand (link)

CHAMPIONS!!  Congratulations!

CFC Waterfront Tournament / Capital City Challenge (link) Canceled by CFC

Kick in the Grass (link)

U13 CHAMPIONS!!  Congratulations!

Lake Oswego Nike Cup (link)

(2010 scores: 8v8, 11v11 Gold, 11v11 Silver)

Nike Chinook Cup (link)

(2010 scores: 8v8, 11v11 Gold, 11v11 Silver)

GOLD Semi-Finalists!  Congratulations!

Nike Mt. Hood Challenge (link)

Wenatchee Apple Cup (link)

GOLD CHAMPIONS!!  Congratulations!

Pacific FC 99 Blue 2010 Tournaments

Skagit Diadora Firecracker  (pictures)